Nice Women Running photos

By | March 14, 2018

Some cool women running images:

Dismal Days 2012
women running
Image by norfolkdistrict
CAMDEN, N.C. — It as his first 5K run, but 13-year-old David Olsen was one of the first 20 people to cross the finish line.

David was one of 165 men, women and children participating Oct. 20, 2012, in the first of what will be an annual event as "Dismal Days" on a trail that runs parallel to the historic Dismal Swamp Canal. The Dismal Swamp Canal and the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal form alternative routes along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW) between the Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle Sound. The canals and the rest of the waterway are maintained and cared for by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The AIWW provides pleasure boaters and commercial shippers with a protected inland channel between Norfolk, Virginia and Miami, Florida. The history of these two canals, which contain the only locks along the AIWW, paints a vivid picture of the development of transportation that goes back over 200 years. It is also a fascinating tale rich in folklore and literature.

Today, the Dismal Swamp Canal is on the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic Landmark, and is also noted as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. In February 2004, the Dismal Swamp Canal was included in the National Park Service’s Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program. It is maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a navigational resource along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.(U.S. Army photos/Pamela Spaugy)

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MRFW-pwl-set-01 155
women running
Image by Paul-W
Melrose Run for Women – 5K
Melrose Running Club
Melrose, Massachusetts
Mother’s Day, 2014

Midland women’s 4 stage 2009
women running
Image by Paul Foot

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